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Bouchamaoui: UTICA refuses to endorse company’s responsibility for the difficult economic situation

Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA) president Wided Bouchamaoui reiterated on Wednesday the Union’s refusal to endorse the company’s responsibility for the difficult economic situation and to impose new reforms on it, which could jeopardize its sustainability and its competitiveness.

She added at the 7th congress of the Regional Union of Tozeur (URICA), that the organisation submitted to the government, suggestions to overcome the economic crisis and the budget deficit especially with regard to the parallel trade, the port of Rades, the situation of public enterprises and the social funds.

She mentioned the advantages that characterise the governorate of Tozeur and which are able to make it a tourism and agribusiness centre highlighting the difficulties that this sector is experiencing after the closure of several hotels and the losses suffered by the handicrafts sector, in particular because of the marketing of counterfeit products.

Bouchamaoui stressed that it is time to opt for open skies at Tozeur-Nefta International Airport in order to attract tourists, rehabilitate infrastructure and give investors advantages to encourage them to invest in the interior regions, in such a way as to resolve the question of the centralisation of decision-making, administration and services.

The seventh regional congress of the Tozeur URICA which is held on the theme “investing in inner regions, in order to guarantee an equitable national development” makes it possible to elect a new executive office after the renewal of the basic structures of the Union.

The outgoing URICA chairman of Tozeur Tawfik Harouni and president of the congress said that among the obstacles impeding investment in the region, include the security situation in neighbouring governorates (closure of national roads and railways), the land situation and centralisation.

Source: TAP News Agency

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