Brahim Bouderbala elected Parliament speaker [Upd 1]

The inaugural plenary session of the parliament on Monday evening resulted in the election of Ibrahim Bouderbala as speaker of the Assembly of People’s Representatives, after he received 83 votes, while his rival, Abdelssalem Dahmani received 67 votes. Anwar Marzouki and Saoussen Mabrouk were also elected as deputy speakers of Parliament, after Marzouki got 72 votes and Mabrouk got 87 votes. A run-off was held between Bouderbala (the former dean of lawyers) and Dahmani, after they obtained the highest percentage of votes in the first round of the election process (48 votes for Bouderbala and 37 votes for Dahmani). As for the election of the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly of People’s Representatives, run-offs were held between Soussen Mabrouk (36 votes) and Amal Meddeb (28 votes) on the one hand, and between Anouar Marzouki (29 votes) and Riadh Jaidane (58 votes) on the other hand.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP)