Budget of Tourism and Handicrafts Ministry for 2018 rises to 151.032MD (+2.9%) | Tunisia News Gazette

Budget of Tourism and Handicrafts Ministry for 2018 rises to 151.032MD (+2.9%)

The 2018 budget of the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts reached 151,032 million dinars (MD) according to the 2018 draft State Budget, a 4,249MD increase compared to 2017, i.e. 2.9%.

This budget, presented during a hearing session of Tourism and handicrafts Minister Selma Elloumi Rekik held Thursday by the parliamentary committee of agriculture, food security, trade and services, is divided between management expenditures (63.032MD against 58.727MD in 2017), development expenses (70MD against 68.056MD in 2017) and treasury fund (18MD against 20MD in 2017).

In her remarks, the minister said that the budget will help implement the ministry’s strategy for 2020 aiming to modernise the sector, diversify tourism offers and markets and promote handicraft.

This strategy is based on three key programmes; the 1st one regards the tourism sector governance and involves all projects aimed to modernise the sector and improve its competitiveness.

The budget devoted to this programme stands at 110.627MD, i.e. 73.25% of the ministry’s overall budget.

The 2nd programme is dedicated to the promotion of handicrafts, seeking to orient this sector towards a better quality and innovation and materialise the National Handicrafts Promotion Plan for 2017-2021.

The budget for this programme stands at 19.768MD, i.e. 13.09% of the ministry’s overall budget.

The last one is a programme of steering and support that covers all the financial and administrative support granted to the previous two programmes. Its budget stands at 20.637MD, i.e. 13.66% of the ministry’s overall budget.

Source: TAP News Agency

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