Business opportunities between Tunisia and Czech Republic available (CONECT)

Large export and investment opportunities are available for Tunisian and Czech companies in different sectors, business operators of both countries stressed Monday.


At an online conference on “economic opportunities of trade and investment between Tunisia and the Czech Republic,” held by the Confederation of Tunisian Citizen Enterprises (CONECT), participants said these opportunities are likely to boost trade between the two countries.

“Tunisia has skills allowing it to become a major partner for Czech companies, particularly in the sectors of agriculture, tourism, industry, green technology and green energy” said CONECT President Tarek Cherif.

He called for joint efforts to strengthen and diversify the economic partnership with the Czech Republic in these sectors, urging them to open up to the African market as well.

Ambassador of Tunisia to the Czech Republic Yosra Souiden pointed out that “the Czech Republic, which is one of the most dynamic economies in Central Europe, can become a major partner for Tunisia, which is working on diversifying its economic partners.

Tunisia is also for the Czech Republic a gateway to Libya and Africa, considering its strategic geographical position and its proximity to Europe, she added.


According to data provided by the CEPEX Director General, trade between the two countries reached 560 million dinars in 2021, up 31.3%.


Source: Tap News Agency