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Business opportunities do exist and young people need to seize them (Forum)

They have project ideas and their goal is to be leaders and to create their own businesses. They are young university graduates, others are still students and some have already embarked on the experiment but their projects have failed.

They attended the various events organised on January 27 and 28 at the Tunis Convention Centre in the framework of the regional forum on micro finance and social and solidarity economy in Tunisia.

Workshops on Entrepreneurial Capacity Building, Young Entrepreneurship Incentives, Women’s Micro Entrepreneurship and many other topics related to business start-ups and microfinance have taken place within the framework of the forum.

The participants, most of whom are young graduates, toured, Saturday morning, all stands of the 30 exhibitors representing the most important microfinance institutions as well as NGOs active in the field to have all the necessary information and to know all the mechanisms and programmes of support and financing for the creation of their projects.

“I came to have ideas for projects and to listen to success stories that can motivate me to set up my own business,” said Ahmed, a young student.

Chadi, for his part, is a young bearer of ideas but who still cannot realise his dream. He has already applied several times for funding but his application is still rejected.

“I do not intend to give up. I want to create my project and I am here to discuss with all the micro-finance actors present at the forum to know the reasons for refusing my application and to rectify any gaps, “he said.

Facilitating the workshop on strengthening entrepreneurial capacities, Makrem Saidi, coach-trainer with the NGO, EFE Tunisia (Education for Employment) emphasised the importance of strengthening the skills of young people through training.

“Unfortunately young people often neglect the importance of training which can only strengthen their skills and facilitate their integration into the labour market,” he told TAP.

The speaker believes that today there are important business opportunities and several support programmes to help young people create their own projects.

“You just need to be entrepreneurial, willing to be a leader, be motivated and persevere even in the face of failure, be a good communicator and make the effort to look for opportunities and identify the needs of consumers”, he said.

“A project is like a baby, it cannot grow quickly. It must be given time and we must not be discouraged,” he added, considering that the success or failure of a project can only be judged after at least 3 years of activity.

Since 2011, there has been an enthusiasm among young people to set up their own businesses, according to Hanen Missaoui, marketing manager at Enda Tamweel

“From that year and until the end of 2016, Enda Tamweel has financed 11,000 start-ups with an 85% survival rate,” she noted. “These 11 thousand startups have in turn created 10 thousand jobs “.

She pointed out that in the framework of this two-day regional forum, Enda Tamweel had granted credits to some 30 young people for a total amount of 700 thousand dinars.

Success stories were presented at this forum. An arts academy, a cultural centre, a consulting and training agency and many other projects in several sectors have attracted the attention of young promoters who have chosen to be leaders.

Source: TAP news Agency

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