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CaA�d Essebsi: 2018 will be “decisive”

2018 will be “decisive” for it will see the holding of municipal elections, said Beji CaA�d Essebsi.

“This is a major challenge for political parties ,” the President of the Republic said on Sunday evening as he extended his best wishes for the new administrative year to the Tunisian people.

Politicians are urged to secure an appropriate climate for the holding of these elections, he said. Electing over 7,000 municipal councillors is not any easy task in comparison with the 2014 legislative and presidential elections and there is a huge need to take seriously the upcoming elections.

Notwithstanding the delay in reelecting some Council members, the Independent High Authority for Elections is ready for the municipal elections, Caid Essebsi highlighted.

The democratic project will also come to completion in 2018 with constitutional bodies, particularly the constitutional court, put in place.

In another connection, CaA�d Essebsi spoke about the growth rate which stood at 2.2% in 2017 against 1% over the recent years. He expressed hope this rate would reach 3% in 2018 as part of adequate working conditions that will be in place.

There was a “considerable headway” in counter-terrorism efforts in 2017, the President said. He praised the success of the anticipatory operation last Sunday that ended in two terrorists involved in the assassination of Soltani brothers being captured.

CaA�d Essebsi called, in this vein, upon security forces and the army to pursue their efforts so as to secure the successful holding of municipal elections.

Source: TAP News Agency

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