Cabinet meeting adopts several economic and social decrees and orders

A cabinet meeting chaired Thursday at the Kasbah by Prime Minister Najla Bouden adopted the following draft decrees and presidential decrees


– A draft decree on the assumption of responsibility by the State of a rate of guarantee tranches for exports to African countries


– A draft decree amending and supplementing n°64 of July 15, 1999, relating to excessive interest rates.


– A draft decree amending and supplementing law n° 53 of July 11, 2016, relating to expropriation for public interest.


// Draft decrees:


– A draft decree amending and supplementing Decree No. 93-942 of April 26, 1993, setting the modalities for the preparation and implementation of the national plan and regional plans relating to the fight against disasters, their prevention and the organisation of relief.


– A draft order relating to the amendment of Decree n° 2000-462 of February 21, 2000, fixing the methods of calculation of the global effective interest rate and the average effective interest rate and their mode of publication


– A draft order supplementing Decree No. 2939 of August 1, 2014, setting the list of activities carried out by companies in communal areas excluded from the benefit of the flat rate regime provided for by Article 44 bis of the code of personal income tax and corporate tax.


The cabinet meeting also adopted draft decrees relating to the setting of the guaranteed minimum agricultural wage (SMAG), as well as the guaranteed minimum wage for the various trades in the non-agricultural sectors subject to the labour code.


Finally, two draft decrees were adopted relating to the creation of a water resources maintenance zone in the plateau of Téboursouk (governorate of Béja), as well as the amendment of Government Decree No. 2017-629 of April 28, 2017, creating a management unit by objectives for the follow-up of the achievement of road projects co-financed by the Arab fund for economic and social development and fixing its organisation and the modalities of its functioning.


This decree concerns the creation of a management unit according to objectives for the follow-up of road projects that the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (the Arab Fund) has contributed in its financing, as well as its organisation and the means of its management.


Source: Tap News Agency