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Caid Essebsi chairs 1st meeting of committee of representatives of Carthage Document signatories

President Beji CaA�d Essebsi said as he chaired Monday the first meeting of the committee composed of representatives of parties and organisations signatories of the Carthage Document that this meeting is held to assess the progress made in achieving priorities defined the Carthage Document.

It aims to consider all the necessary steps to be taken to implement the priorities, through defining an action plan for the next period, he added.

No new proposals will be put forward outside the framework of the Carthage Document during this meeting, he said, adding that he is convinced that “the general situation will make progress.

In this regard, he called on members of the committee to examine all the proposals put forward by some parties and organisations signatories of the Carthage Document, urging “the rest of the parties to submit their proposals”. The Presidency of the Republic will not interfere on this, he pointed out.

Caid Essebsi, on the other hand, said he was confident of the patriotism of all the signatories of the Carthage Document, parties and organizations, and their willingness to make all the necessary sacrifices in the service of the supreme interest of Tunisia.

The withdrawal of some parties of the Carthage Document does not mean that the Government will not apply the points contained in this Document.

The government is committed to implementing the priorities contained in this document, he stressed.

“I am a true witness to the country’s democratic process, he said, noting that the establishment of the democratic process is not a simple matter; it requires an agreement from all parties.

President Caid Essebsi has criticised Tunisians who do not support the transition process in Tunisia. “We must show the rest of the world that we are able to agree and accept our differences – we can oppose, except on issues that affect the homeland.”

He also stressed that the committee is not required to complete, in one day, the mission entrusted to it. It must, however, be quick.

He said the committee must reach a common ground between all the signatory parties.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the parties of Nidaa Tounes, Ennahdha, Al-Moubadara, Al-Massar, the Free Patriotic Union and the following organisations: UGTT, UTICA, UTAP and UNFT.

At a meeting on March 3, under the chairmanship of President Beji CaA�d Essebsi, the signatories of the Carthage Document decided to create a Committee whose mission will be to define the priorities of the national economy and propose reforms thereto.

The committee shall be composed of two representatives from each party and from each signatory organisation of the Carthage Document.

The Carthage Document brought together nine political parties before the withdrawal of “Afek Tounes” and “Machrou Tounes” in early January.

“Al-Chaab” and “Al-Joumhouri” parties were absent from the March 3 meeting.

Source: TAP News Agency

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