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Caid Essebsi confers with Abderrahman Souihli

President Beji Caid Essebsi met on Thursday with Abderrahman Souihli, President of the High Council of the State of Libya.

The Libyan official reviewed the latest developments in Libya and informed the head of State of the results of the talks led by the various Libyan sides with a view to reaching a consensus for a political settlement as part of the Skhirat agreement to bring Libya out of the crisis.

According to a Presidency of the Republic press release, Souihli affirmed the concordance of views with the Tunisian side on the need to reach a political solution between the different Libyan factions, within the framework of the Libyan official institutions and through dialogue and consensus.

He reiterated attachment to the Skhirat agreement initiated in December 2015, with the “possibility of modifying some clauses.”

Libya, said the Libyan official, relies heavily on Tunisia’s active role and the trust it enjoys among the various Libyan sides to boost the political settlement process in Libya.

He voiced wish that this process will find all the necessary regional and international support, including that of the United Nations.

For his part, President Caid Essebsi recalled the constants of Tunisian diplomacy which advocate non-interference in the internal affairs of Libya.

Tunisia, he added, has always called on the various Libyan factions to engage in dialogue in order to overcome differences and reach a rapid and comprehensive political solution that will put an end to the crisis for the benefit of both Tunisia and Libya.

The President of the Republic asserted that Tunisia will firmly support the agreements to be reached by the Libyans through dialogue and consensus, considering that the progress of consultations between the different Libyan protagonists is a “positive sign” promising a swift way out of the crisis in Libya.

On the other hand, the Head of State reviewed Tunisia’s actions within the framework of the tripartite initiative and its efforts to stimulate the process of political settlement. The reconciliation process, he argued, must be carried out under the aegis of the United Nations and the solution should arise from the Libyans’ will.

“The High Council of the Libyan State and the other Libyan official institutions are key actors in the resolution of the crisis,” said Caid Essebsi.

Source: TAP News Agency

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