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Caid Essebsi congratulates new UGTT leadership on success of 23rd Congress

President of the Republic Beji CaA�d Essebsi Friday congratulated freshly elected Secretary General of the Tunisian General Labour Union (French:UGTT) Noureddine Tabboubi as well as the labour union activists on the success of their 23rd congress.

“This congress was a celebration of democracy in a blossoming Tunisia,” reads a congratulatory message a copy of which was sent to TAP.

CaA�d Essebsi commended the labour union and its activists for their commitment on the independent national path for which such leaders as Farhat Hached and Habib Achour sacrificed their lives and gave up their freedom.

The President also praised the achievements of the labour union “during this delicate stage of democratic transition in Tunisia” and said history and the Tunisian people will bear witness that it has always been at the forefront in defending the country’s interests.

Caid Essebsi likewise paid tribute to the outgoing bureau led by former SG Houcine Abassi for “the efforts made to foster dialogue, consensus and co-existence in a drive to salvage the democratic process without relinquishing nonetheless its social role. “

Source: TAP news Agency

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