Call to facilitate Ukrainian tourists’ entry to Tunisia (Organisation of Tunisian Community in Ukraine)

The organisation of the Tunisian community in Ukraine called on the Tunisian authorities to grant Ukrainian tourists, at Tunisian airports and ports, a visa to enter the Tunisian territory.

The organisation indicated in a statement released on Friday, that several Ukrainians want to spend their holidays in Tunisia, regretting however the time it takes to get visas since the Tunisian embassy is located in Poland.

President of the organisation Tarek Aloui said that Ukrainian tourists used to visit Tunisia after booking through travel agencies but because of the current war this formula is no longer valid.

He considered in a statement to TAP, that facilitating the entry of Ukrainian tourists into Tunisia will reduce the waiting time.

This measure will also facilitate the reunion of families settled in Ukraine with their relatives in Tunisia, he added.

Source: TAP News Agency