CAN-2021: ‘Game against Comoros Can Be a Trap’ (Halilhodžić)

In a pre-match press conference, the national coach stressed that “we should not underestimate in any way this Comorian selection, which has a beautiful possession of the ball, creates automatisms and shows a remarkable collective game”.

“We recently played two games against this same team and during both games, things were far from easy for us,” he stressed.

“Although it looks easy on paper, the game against Comoros could be a trap for us,” he added.

However, Vahid Halilhodžić said that if Morocco approaches this confrontation with the same determination and discipline, things will be less difficult and victory will be closer.

In this sense, he highlighted the victory against a great selection like Ghana, which boosted the confidence of the players, adding that the atmosphere is now excellent and a good state of mind prevails in the team.

Regarding injuries, the French-Bosnian said that the team always suffers from them, both those related to physical problems and to Covid-19.

“We always suffer from injuries and Covid-19. Knowing how to deal with these things is also part of the game,” he explained, noting that with the return of the injured especially in attack the team will be even more effective.

In the first game, “we had found a composition that requires each player a task both defensive and offensive,” concluded Vahid Halilhodžić.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse