Case to be filed against MoI after preventing “Citizens Against Coup” campaign from holding meeting, says Ben Mbarek

Political activist, opposing President of the Republic, Kaies Saied Jawhar Ben Mbarek said, Sunday, the “Citizens Against the Coup” campaign will file a case against the Ministry of Interior after it was prevented, Saturday, from holding its popular meeting to set a plan of action.

A march will also be held on October 10, he added.

Ben Mbarek said in a statement to TAP that the National Guard in Boumhel, the Ben Arous governorate, prevented supporters of the “Citizens Against the Coup” campaign from holding a popular meeting in a private space, although all necessary legal measures were taken to organise it by a number of lawyers.

He pointed out that the security officers informed them that they had not received instructions authorising them to allow the organisation of this popular meeting, stressing that they had intimidated the owner of the private hall in which the meeting was scheduled to take place.

Ben Mbarek considered that this ban is illegal and stems from dictatorial and undemocratic practices practised by former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, vowing that the march would be an opportunity to respond to these “shameful” practices and would constitute a qualitative leap in the march against the “coup” and defending the republic and freedom, according to him.

Political activist Jawhar Ben Mbarek had called for a popular political meeting in the southern suburbs of the capital that the “Citizens Against the Coup” initiative called for it to set a plan for action, stressing that the matter was not related to a march or protest but rather to a political meeting open to all citizens.


Source: Tap News Agency