Success story by Mohamed Ben Ismail, gold medalist at London international Olive Oil competition 2017

Mohamed Ben IsmaA�l is a successful farmer from Beja, whose olive oil brand “Triomphe de Tuccabor” has just won the gold medal at the London international Olive Oil competition 2017, and a bronze at the” Athena International Olive Oil “in Greece last April.

In an interview with TAP, Ben IsmaA�l, born in 1957, and graduate in accounting (postgraduate), calls on the Tunisian State to take advantage of these two international distinctions to further enhance the Tunisian product around the world.

The “Triumph de Tuccabor” or the yellow gold that has won one of the most important world and national prices (in 2015), is produced from the “Chetoui” olive, a purely Tunisian variety, with multiple virtues, Known for its gustatory values. Chetoui is cultivated from father to son in the Ben IsmaA�l farm, located in the village of Toukaber, in Beja, north-west of Tunisia. It is maintained with passion, on an area of more than 25 hectares.

Ben Ismail told TAP correspondent in BejA� that his small farm produces various varieties purely Tunisian, affirming that he intends to preserve the same products without having the ambition to increase production or earn more.

In this regard, he urges Tunisian farmers to have confidence in their production, to develop it and to prove the quality of their varieties without fear of competition.

The farmer considers that olive oil constitutes, with the present climate changes, the future of Tunisian agriculture especially that “yellow gold” does not know marketing problems. He noted that the demands on olive oil “Triumph of Tuccabor” far exceed the quantities produced.

The secrets of competitiveness of “Triumph of Tuccabor” oil

A jury of international experts and tasters, supervised by the International Council for Olive Oil and meeting in London, decided in favour of the oil “Triumph of Tuccabor”, which nevertheless had to face a strong Competition from olive growers in several countries of the world, including Chile, Italy and Greece.

Ben Ismail notes that these countries have great challenges to face in a context of fierce economic war, to win the best places in the world rankings of olive oil.

He said that the methods of transformation, hard work and perseverance are the secrets to the success of his brand, indicating that “Triumph of Tuccabor” is transformed, cold, into a small oil mill. It is produced from fresh olives in a period not exceeding 24 hours.

He recalled that Olivko from Dougga and “ZeA�t”, also extracted from the “Chetoui” variety, were awarded the gold medal in May 2017 at the world’s largest olive oil competition, Held in New York, USA, against 910 brands from 27 countries.

Olive oils produced in the northern regions, particularly in Beja and in the North-West are known for their very low acidity levels. They are characterised by a very special taste in addition to their strong capacity in antioxidants including polyphenols, very beneficial for health.

Ben Ismail concludes by reiterating call to the authorities to capitalise on these international distinctions, to promote the place of Tunisia, as the first country producing olive oil in the south of the Mediterranean.

Source: TAP News Agency

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