CDLD rallies in Tunis, demands preserving gains of revolution

The National Committee for the Defence of Freedoms and Democracy (CDLD) held a rally in Habib Bourguiba Avenue on Saturday, on the 12th anniversary of the revolution.

“We are here to condemn President Saied’s policies and governance, and to demand a new democratic process through free and transparent elections,” said CDLD’s vice President Rachid Khechana.

“Our main concern is to see the emergence of a new democratic path that will save Tunisia from autocracy.”

We hope to reach a process based on an authority that is widely accepted by the population and that is capable of restoring the country’s vitality, he added, stressing that President Saied has failed to manage the affairs of state.

Khechana stressed the imperative to hold new presidential and legislative elections, recalling that “freedoms in Tunisia are the fruit of the decades-long struggle of previous generations.

These freedoms and rights are not a gift from anyone,” he insisted, denouncing the “blatant violations of freedoms and flagrant attacks on state institutions committed by Saied’s regime. The latter threatens rights and freedoms, which is what led us to set up the CDLD.”

Habib Bourguiba Avenue in Tunis was the scene of several demonstrations on Saturday, as many parties, organisations and coalitions rallied.

They chanted slogans opposing Saied’s regime and rejecting the measures he decreed after July 25, 2021.

Source: Tap News Agency

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