CEPEX-Foprodex: Online payment service set up

An online payment service has just been set up by the Export Promotion Centre (CEPEX) for the benefit of economic operators, announced the CEPEX.

The goal is to facilitate and streamline the procedures for paying the filing fees for subsidy applications granted by the Export Promotion Fund (Foprodex).

The CEPEX specified that from November 15, 2021, only online payments will be accepted via the link https://www.e-cepex.tn.

Foprodex is a special treasury fund, financed by the Ministry of Finance and under the authority of the Ministry of Trade.

Managed by CEPEX, this fund provides partial financing for a range of promotional actions in target countries with a preferential rate for sub-Saharan African countries.

Financial support from Foprodex is granted to eligible private operators (resident and accredited).


Source: Tap News Agency