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CFI launches project to support Arab world’s youths through digital media

A Euros 2-million project to support Arab world youths through digital media was launched by the French Operator in Media co-operation (French: CFI).

According to a press release published on Wednesday, the project, entitled Youthroom and funded by the European Commission, aims to support young citizens of the Arab world through media.

Youthroom is a four-year project that will support 20 initiatives from Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, the same statement added.

According to the CFI’s Chairman of the Management Board Jean-Emmanuel Casalta, CFI seeks through this project to offer young citizens from 9 Arab countries the possibility, means and support in training so as to create and produce digital contents for the new generations.

A call for applications will be launched next March to preselect the best 30 projects devoted to digital contents that meet the youths’ expectations and help them become involved in the local and public life.

The best 10 projects will receive a Euros 60,000 grant. These winners will also benefit from a personalised assistance all along the implementation of their projects, the statement added.

A 2nd call of applications will be launched 6 months later to select 10 other projects.

As part of strengthening initiatives of youths in the Arab world, the CFI is co-organising with the French Institute since 2012 other projects such as the SafirLab project that yearly supports some 20 young project holders from the MENA region and involved in civil society and media matters.

The CFI had also organised Ebticar project, funded by the European Union that supported some 20 innovative digital media and the debate within societies and contributed to the economic development of the southern shore of the Mediterranean by enhancing the media.

Source: TAP news Agency

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