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Chahed Observatory denounces “unjustified” manoeuvres to postpone date of municipal elections

The Chahed Observatory for Elections Observation and Democratic Transition Support said Friday deeply worried about the “unjustified” manoeuvres aimed to obstruct the conduct of municipal elections within the deadlines set by the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE) (March 25, 2018).

The disoriented positions of the various political parties, the tendentious media campaigns, the laxity of the Executive in the completion of the procedures necessary for the organisation of the municipal elections within the set deadlines and the slowness in the adoption of the Local Government Code are as many indicators that corroborate this thesis, the observatory explained in a press release.

Besides, it denounced the resort of some political parties to make the electoral deadlines meet their narrow interests, ignoring the concerns and expectations of the Tunisian people who aspire to complete the democratic transition process as soon as possible.

In the same connection, the observatory denounced the delay by the government in the publication of the electoral calendar established by ISIE in the Official Journal of the Presidency of the Republic (JORT).

“This is a serious interference by the executive power in the field of competence of an independent constitutional body,” he estimated.

In this regard, the observatory called on the ISIE to assume its constitutional and historical responsibility to take an independent decision on the date of the elections.

Besides, it called on the Presidency of the Republic to assume its historical and legal responsibility to sign the decree on convening the elections in conformity with the timetable set by the ISIE and to keep the institution of the Presidency of the Republic away from political fights.

Source: TAP News Agency

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