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Chahed: Tunisia more than ever needs efforts of all national forces to meet challenges

“We were keen to preserve the spirit of national unity and the broad political consensus consecrated in the Carthage Document being convinced that in the next period, Tunisia needs more than ever the efforts of all national forces to meet the challenges, “said Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, in his speech during the plenary session held in extraordinary session for the vote of confidence in the new government team.

Tunisia is called today to broaden further the basis of consensus to overcome the difficulties, he said.

“Our choice has been made, as part of the reshuffle of skills in their respective areas of specialisation, skills capable of bringing the most hoped for.”

Youssef Chahed paid tribute to the national organisations and political parties that signed the Carthage Document for their sense of responsibility and their commitment to national unity they demonstrated during the last period.

The new government will be “a war government against terrorism and corruption and will fight for development and against unemployment and regional disparities,” he promised. “War is in need of national unity, and our choices are essentially to consolidate the capacity of the government in this direction and to carry out the priorities of the Carthage Document.”

We proposed a change to head the Ministries of Interior and National Defence, he said, to strengthen our country’s capabilities in the fight against terrorism, organised crime and smuggling.

For Youssef Chahed, the pursuit of the war against corruption will be a priority for new members as well as for the rest of the team. “In this cabinet there is no room for a member involved in a case of justice”.

Reforms encompass the development and governance of public enterprises “because it is inconceivable that many of them can survive only through state subsidies and cannot access credit without its guarantee.

According to the Prime Minister, the funds allocated to these companies that are structurally deficient could have been invested in economic and social development projects or in the reduction of the trade balance deficit.

He recalled, in that sense, the programme of restructuring of public enterprises which will, he said, work for the preservation of social peace.

“The government which has fulfilled all its commitments to succeed in the forthcoming municipal elections, calls on the various parties concerned to finalise the measures necessary for the smooth running of this deadline,” said Youssef Chahed, who believes that Tunisia has already achieved the democratic transition in carrying out three electoral deadlines and succeeded in putting in place the constitution of a civil state, installing constitutional and independent bodies and consecrating freedom of expression.

“Today, we are building a nascent and secure democracy through a national consensus.”

Youssef Chahed noted, however, that this success depends on job creation, development and the fight against marginalisation. “Our political dialogue must avoid hollow slogans and be realistic (…) Tunisians expect messages of hope and are suspicious of the merchants of dreams”.

He added: “Those who consider that the preservation of national unity is a form of stupidity confirm that their so-called intelligence is not oriented to the service of the homeland … Our hands remain extended to all: majority, opposition and national competence, we accept criticism and advice on the basis of realistic and rational national dialogue and on the basis of national unity.”

Source: TAP News Agency

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