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Chemical Group: Production in standby

Production at the Tunisian Chemical Group (GCT) units in Gabes has stopped since Monday night, after the total break in the phosphate stock , GCT regional director Taoufik Jmal told TAP.

The GCT will soon be unable to supply its customers with phosphoric acid which is needed for the production of agricultural fertilisers and manufacture of animal feedstuffs, warns Jmal.

The recurring suspension of production is not only due to the performance of the group but also to the deteriorating condition of the machines, says director of the phosphoric acid plant Sadok Souii, adding that the continuation of this situation affects the very future of the chemical group.

The crisis is due to the paralysis of phosphate production in the mining basin delegations of Metlaoui, Redeyef, Mdhilla and Om Larayes, where tents are erected by protesters blocking access to the sites of the Gafsa Phosphate Company, following the announcement, on January 20, 2018, of the results of the recruitment competition.

Source: TAP news Agency

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