Child Rights releases welfare update on victim of alleged child marriage

The Child Rights International (CRI), a creative human rights organisation with a focus on children’s rights, has issued a release concerning the welfare of the child allegedly involved in a child marriage, following a thorough investigation.

The release, which was copied to the Ghana News Agency, said as part of the rehabilitation and maintenance programme, the CRI’s investigation showed that the Social Welfare had engaged a clinical psychologist to have a thorough discussion with the child in question.

It said the investigation, which was being done with the collaborative effort of two case managers and a care giver, indicated that certain outcomes had been reached in that regard, that, ‘the child is in good health and of sound mind.’

Secondly, their investigation shows that the Department of Social Welfare under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, based on the conclusion, had decided to possibly release the child to her biological parents by Friday, 12 April, with the state having e
xclusive right for visit and guidance.

It said this presented an opportunity for her to receive love, care, and support from the family, facilitating her smooth transition back into the community and school.

‘Our investigation also points to the fact that, based on the conclusions, the child will be in a boarding facility to enable the state to still have control over the protection of the child,’ the release stated.

‘We believe that the boarding facility will offer a stable environment for the child, allowing for proper monitoring and supervision by the state and the family.’

It noted that furthermore, based on the social inquiry report, it had been established that the biological family’s status was above average, ensuring a conducive environment for the child’s well-being.

‘Therefore, we acknowledge the measures taken by social welfare to ensure the safety and welfare of the child, and we fully support any decision arrived at by the department of social welfare with respect to the protection and care
of the child.’

It recommended that more attention and investment must go into building the social structure of the child to make integration more effective and efficient.

The release said CRI remained committed to providing support and would continue working closely with the social welfare authorities to ensure the best possible outcome for the child’s welfare.

Source: Ghana News Agency