China reports 31,656 new COVID cases for Nov.23

China reported 31,656 new COVID-19 infections on Nov. 23, of which 4,010 were symptomatic and 27,646 were asymptomatic, the National Health Commission said on Thursday.


That is compared with 29,157 new cases a day earlier – 2,719 symptomatic and 26,438 asymptomatic infections, which China counts separately.


Excluding imported cases, China reported 31,444 new local cases, of which 3,927 were symptomatic and 27,517 were asymptomatic, up from 28,883 a day earlier.


China’s new local COVID cases are the highest since April’s peak.


There was one death, compared with zero the previous day, pushing fatalities to 5,232. As of Nov. 23, mainland China had confirmed 297,516 cases with symptoms.


Source: Tap News Agency