Choice of new ISIE members was based on competence and loyalty, Saied says

President of the Republic Kais Saied said the choice of the new members of the High Authority for Elections (ISIE) was made on the basis of competence and loyalty.

The seven new members were sworn in on Thursday before the President, who deemed this event “historic,” and would lay the foundations of an independent body for elections, far from narrow political interests.

He called on the new members, who are now “the guarantors of the proper conduct of the referendum of July 25, 2022 and the custodians of the will of the people,” to work in complete neutrality so that the next elections reflect the will of the sovereign people.

Saied warned against attempts to manipulate people’s minds, which is “more serious than the electoral fraud.”

The referendum will be an opportunity to refute the lies spread by some parties, he said, voicing “confidence in Tunisians.”

Source: Tap News Agency