Circular economy is growing in Tunisia (Environment Minister)

The circular economy is developing in Tunisia and will be the focus of a major reform, Environment Minister Leila Chikhaoui told TAP on Friday on the sidelines of a training session on strengthening skills in waste management.

The minister added that her ministry will seek to anchor the circular economy in all sectors, but that this depends on better coordination between the various stakeholders.

She also said “the Ministry of the Environment aims to achieve zero waste by 2050”, stressing that this challenge can only be met if there is effective cooperation between all stakeholders, namely state enterprises, government agencies, including municipalities, civil society, the media and, above all, citizens.

“Our department is still working to raise awareness among citizens of the need to adopt rational behaviour and to encourage investors to launch projects in the field of ecological and sustainable economy, including waste recycling,” said Chikhaoui, reiterating the need to promote selective sorting at source to facilitate the recycling process.

“Waste, especially household waste, in Tunisia is made up of 60 to 80% organic matter, which can be a source for the production of fertilisers, she pointed out.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse