Citizens Against Coup initiative announces suspension of hunger strike [Upd 1]

Citizens against Coup initiative announced Thursday the suspension of the hunger strike started by some of its members last December 23 “in protest against the exceptional measures resulting from July 25 process triggered by the President.”

Spokesperson Ezzeddine Hazgui told a press conference in Tunis the hunger strike helped “form a political front opposed to the coup.”

The hunger strike observed “in defence of freedoms, democracy and the constitution” helped produce a roadmap to “ovecome” the coup and pave the way for a new political initiative.

Jawher Ben Mbarek, one of the hunger strikers and a founding member of the initiative, said meetings were held in a bid to “form a united democratic national front to fight the coup.”

Human rights claims were made as the hunger strike started before political ones were formulated.

“All shades of opinion and politicians joined the initiative to express rejection of July 25 process and come together to form a political front, ” he said.

The recent decisions by the Scientific Committe to fight the Coronavirus, including a ban on mass gatherings in open and closed spaces, are “political” and “designed to bar the way to taking to the streets on January 14 at the call of several political parties.”

Member of academia Zouhair Ismaïl said this initiative launched by some politicians is a continuation of October 18 movement. Political parties joined the initiative, including Ennahdha, Qalb Tounes and Irada.

The main demands of hunger strikers were freeing those arrested at last December 18 sit-in organised by the initiative, suspending military trials and putting an end to attempts to influence the administration of justice.


Source: Tap News Agency