Citizenship caravan in midland regions to deliver identity cards, to be launched soon (Women Ministry) | Tunisia News Gazette

Citizenship caravan in midland regions to deliver identity cards, to be launched soon (Women Ministry)

The Ministry of Women, Family and Children will soon launch the citizenship caravan which will tour priority inland regions to help the non-holders of the national identity card to retrieve them and thus actively participate in the public life and management of local affairs.

This initiative is part of the programme: Reinforcement of the participation of families in public life and local affairs, launched by the ministry in 2015 in partnership with the German Hanns Seidel Foundation, Director of Family Affairs at the ministry Malika Ouerghi told TAP.

The programme which seeks to raise the awareness of some 3,500 families about the importance to participate in the public life, especially in the municipal elections, has so far targeted some 6,000 families from different regions, she indicated.

In this regard, she added that the awareness activities will shortly focus on 40 other municipalities, specifying that the programme will be crowned by the elaboration of a general report including specific indicators to each municipality.

Besides, the official presented the activities carried out as part of this programme including 15 training sessions on different fields related to the municipal elections for the benefit of 600 high-graduate women from across the country.

Some 400 women had enrolled in 15 training sessions in the political communication and management field and had been then entrusted with raising awareness among families on the need to take part in the public life, using an orientation guidebook which includes a set of tools and means to help organise awareness activities dedicated to families.

Besides, she indicated that raising awareness among the citizens, notably in inland regions, to the importance of participating in the public life will help them express their needs and defend their rights as part of a fair and transparent development based on the principle of decentralisation and achievement of social justice.

Source: TAP News Agency

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