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Civil Coalition for Educational Reform denounces scientific drift in educational reform

President of the Civil Coalition for Educational Reform Mohamed Ben Fatma denounced Monday a scientific drift in the educational reform.

According to him, the foreign experts who had taken part in the reform of educational programmes had committed several errors that led to a scientific corruption in educational methods which are now inefficient and do not meet the expected goals.

The corruption lies in the proliferation of teaching methods and the difficulty to evaluate the students’ potential and capacities, he pointed out during a Conference under the theme: A Scientific Corruption in Educational Methods.

This conference seeks to draw the competent authorities’ attention to the need the take the necessary measures to redress the educational reform process, he pointed out.

Taking the floor, Spokesperson for the coalition Wided Ben Issa warned against the gravity of the pedagogical approach adopted by the foreign experts, while questioning the Education Ministry’s position regarding Tunisian experts.

In this regard, she called for the creation of a Higher Education Council to devise the national educational policies and set the main orientations of education, training and scientific research.

According to Ben Issa, this council must be independent of all ministries, structures and organisations concerned by education and will be placed under the Prime Ministry’s management.

Composed of 250 educational, cultural, human rights development associations, the Civil Coalition for Educational Reform aims to assist the educational reform process and revamp the educational system in compliance with the principles set by the 2014 Constitution.

Source: TAP News Agency

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