Civil society calls for no walk-in vaccination operations

The Civilian Committee to Combat COVID-19 called for the sole use of the Evax vaccination platform to summon candidates for vaccination by SMS and to avoid open-ended, walk-in vaccination operations.

It also invited the health authorities to mobilise more vaccination centres and to ensure all the necessary logistics for vaccination operations.

Last Monday, the Health Minister announced during a press conference, the holding of two vaccination open days for people over 18 years old on July 20 and 21, in 29 centres across the country.

The committee to combat COVID-19 indicated, in a statement issued Tuesday evening, that it had tried to mobilise volunteers for the smooth running of these open days, but to no avail due to the large number of people who flocked to the vaccination centres, particularly in the governorates with the highest population densities (Greater Tunis, Nabeul, Sfax, Sousse, Beja, etc.).

The committee said it had noticed a lack of logistical organisation and a low quantity of vaccines available in most of the 29 centres opened.

On Tuesday evening, the Ministry of Health announced the suspension of the open days of vaccination against Covid-19, pending its “resumption as soon as possible”, to avoid a massive influx of people and non-compliance with health protocols, as eye-witnessed during the first day of Eid al-Idha (July 20).


Source: TAP News Agency