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Co-operation agreement between FNM and Sicilian Department of Fisheries and Blue Growth, inked

A co-operation agreement between the National Federation of Trades (FNM) stemming from the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA) and the Sicilian Department of Fisheries and Blue Growth was inked recently in Tunis by FNM President Bechir Zaoui, 2nd Vice-President of the Federation Nadia Majoul and Sicilian Department President Giovanni Tumbiol.

The agreement provides for launching joint projects in the field of the production-line workers’ vocational training, scientific and productive co-operation activities through the involvement of Tunisian and Italian public and private organisations.

It further stipulates the promotion and development of maritime, agricultural and food groupings and SMEs, with the support of scientific institutions and universities, according to the principles of green, blue, bio-economy and circular economy of the Blue Economic Zone in the Mediterranean.

The stakeholders also undertook to take part in events in Tunisia, Italy and jointly in other countries. The UTICA will actively partake along with the enterprises and their representatives in the 7th Blue Sea Land Expo of Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern Clusters, due on October 4-7 in Sicilia’s Mazara del Vallo.

According to an UTICA press release, Tunisia will be the main partner of the 2018 Blue Sea Land, a mega-exhibition with an expected 150,000 visitors, exhibitors from 50 countries and 600 enterprises from across the world.

Source: TAP News Agency

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