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Co-operation project with OECD, for new statistics strategy (Zied Ladhari)

“The results of the co-operation project between the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Development, Investment and International Co-operation Ministry on territorial statistics, launched in 2015, will be available at the beginning of the second half of 2018,” said Monday Development, Investment and International Co-operation Minister Zied Ladhari.

The latter specified that these results “will serve as a basis for a new strategy of statistics, taking into account the regional and local dimension and allowing a better targeting of public policies.”

Taking the floor at a workshop organised by the OECD on “Improving regional statistics to support inclusive regional development,” pointed out that “this project is part of the decentralisation process started by Tunisia and will help remedy the deficiencies in production, collection, processing and use of regional economic statistics.”

The minister also said that “this project will provide the municipal executive elected at the upcoming municipal elections an important statistical device to promote the establishment of local governance and therefore a democracy of proximity.”

For his part, National Institute of Statistics (INS) Director-General Hedi Saidi affirmed in a statement to the media “that as part of this co-operation project between the OECD, the Development, Investment and International Co-operation Ministry and the National Institute of Statistics, a comprehensive evaluation study of the Tunisian statistical system was developed between 2015 and 2016, raising a major failure in the data and economic indicators at the level of regional and local statistics.”

He specified that “a commission set up for this purpose is currently working on identifying the mechanisms needed to develop the skills of the various stakeholders in the field of statistics and on the re-organisation of the regional structures concerned.”

Head of Division for Regional Development Policy at the OECD, Joaquim Oliveira-Martins considered it necessary “to adopt a participatory approach to produce, collect, share and use statistical information at regional and local level, in order to identify local priorities, monitor the policies put in place and contribute to a more balanced national development.”

He also stressed the importance of a new territorial classification that takes into account the nature and specificities of the territories (city, rural area, rural area close to the urban space, remote rural area, etc.), for a better conception of local and regional development policies.”

Source: TAP News Agency

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