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Co-ordination of protest movement “Erakh le” begins its activities in Greater Tunis

The co-ordination of the “Erakh le” (we do not give up) movement (initially formed in the south in the Tataouine governorate) announced Wednesday the start of its activities in Greater Tunis “with the aim of supporting all protest movements calling for the opening of the file of natural wealth in particular oil and gas.”

At a press conference, co-ordinator general of the movement Wafa Zaghouani said that the slogan “Erakh le” has been chosen to say that the protests in the southern governorates of Kebili and Tataouine “will continue and support all voices calling to reveal the truth about the country’s wealth and wasted resources.”

For his part, spokesperson for the co-ordination of Douz Fakher Ajmni said that Douz protesters (Kebili governorate) will not give up their request for a review of oil contracts, specifying that the Douz sit-in is a continuation of the campaign “winou el petrol” (where is the oil) started in 2015.

Professor of Constitutional Law Kais Saied proposed the creation of local councils representing the inhabitants of communes and delegations and who are responsible for the development of local development programmes.

He said he was against the call to nationalise the country’s energy wealth, noting that it is not a good time to do so.

Saied suggested the establishment of tools of local governance to help regain the confidence of the citizen in the people’s representatives.

Source: TAP news Agency

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