Collaboration agreement signed between European House – Ambrosetti and Delta Center to support development of Italian and European companies in Tunisia and North Africa

A collaboration agreement was recently signed between the Italian consulting group “The European House – Ambrosetti” and the Tunisian-Italian business centre “Delta Center” to support the development of Italian and European companies in Tunisia and North Africa and to enhance the attractiveness of these markets.
By virtue of this agreement, Delta Center will offer in Tunisia all the services provided by The European House-Ambrosetti to partner companies.
The companies established in Tunisia will thus be supported in the implementation of strategic scenarios and advanced business management practices, according to a Delta Center press release.
Business leaders residing in Tunisia will be able to access the professional services of The European House-Ambrosetti from the famous Ambrosetti Club, which counts more than 600 CEOs and Chairmen of the main commercial and multinational groups among its members and periodically organises exclusive meetings on issues of priority impact for the development of companies and country-systems.
Delta Center President Sandro Fratini said “the signed partnership will enrich the range of services that Delta Center has been offering for years to Italian companies operating in Tunisia and to European companies that come to invest in Tunisia. We are sure that we are only at the beginning of a long journey of economic development for the country.”
Head of International Development at The European House-Ambrosetti Lorenzo Tavazzi pointed out for his part, that “Tunisia is a market with great strategic potential. Italy is currently the main trading partner of Tunisia, which is attracting a growing number of investments from European and Italian companies. In addition to the opportunities offered by the domestic market, Tunisia’s geographical location and production characteristics make it a strategic port for operations in the North African region. For these reasons, we have decided to have a direct presence in Tunisia to help entrepreneurs not only to succeed in their entry into the market, but also to remain in it in a sustainable and profitable way.”
Delta Center is a Tunisian-Italian business centre. Specialised in consulting and support for companies, it provides Tunisian and foreign clients with services that meet their needs and aim to develop their business in Tunisia.
The European House – Ambrosetti is a consulting group, founded in 1965 and present in 18 countries. It provides support to over 1,300 clients each year, draws up more than 250 strategic and industrial scenarios and organises more than 550 high-level exchange meetings on important economic and industrial issues, involving more than 3,000 experts and senior representatives of national and international institutional players and 17,000 business leaders.
Since 1974, it has organised one of the main international economic forums “Today’s and Tomorrow’s Scenario for Competitive Strategies,” also known as the Cernobbio Forum, where the world’s leading representatives of industry, finance and politics meet every year.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP)

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