Commandery of Faithful, Essential Actor of Harmony, Respect for Minorities (Serge Berdugo)

In a statement to MAP on the sidelines of the 9th Global Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, Berdugo commended the “essential role of HM the King as Commander of the Faithful, in the protection of all believers, not only Muslims but also Jews and Christians and as one of the essential and crucial actors of harmony and respect for minorities in our beautiful country which is Morocco.”


This UNAOC event is of paramount importance for Morocco, he noted, adding that the “discourse of brotherhood, of living together that Morocco offers to the world, is a discourse that will cross borders and that will show that our country, for generations and for centuries, has been the country of conviviality, of respect for minorities and of living together.”


Berdugo also expressed his joy to participate in an event of such international significance in Fez, emphasizing the role of the city as the spiritual capital of the Kingdom, having given asylum to Jews and Andalusians expelled from Spain and having hosted the philosopher and metaphysician, Moses Maimonides.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse

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