Commandery of Faithful, Token of Peace and Security in Morocco (Ambassador)

Speaking at the Pontifical Gregorian University, the ambassador highlighted the centrality and role of the Commandery of the Faithful in the protection of followers of different religions in the Kingdom, referring in this sense, to the categorical refusal of the late HM Mohammed V to hand over Moroccan citizens of Jewish faith (to the Nazis) at the time of the Vichy regime.

This institution is, moreover, the pillar of interfaith dialogue, a necessary condition for peace in the world, added the diplomat, who was speaking at a meeting held as part of a forum on dialogue between Islam and Christianity.

Morocco, a land of welcome and openness, during twelve centuries, is a unique model of coexistence between different monotheistic religions, said Naji Mekkaoui, highlighting the tireless efforts of HM King Mohammed VI, Protector of Faith and Cults, for the preservation of the rights of Muslims and non-Muslims, without distinction between them.

Under the enlightened leadership of the Sovereign, Commander of the Faithful, the Kingdom, which draws its foundations in the pure values of Islam, makes religion a factor of peace and does not cease to multiply initiatives to maintain and promote tolerance, coexistence, living together and co-knowledge, she added.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse

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