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Committee adopts draft Code of Local Government

The Committee on the Organisation of Administration and Armed Forces announced on Friday that it had adopted the draft Code of Local Government after completing its review.

Chairman of the committee Mohamed Naceur Jbira said in a press briefing, on Friday at the Bardo Palace, said that the work of the committee, which lasted more than five months, was conducted in a participatory manner and in the presence of all parties involved.

Throughout the works, he said, the debate has been rich and fruitful and has removed all fears and anxieties expressed at the beginning of the work about “the possibility of State disintegration” and “stripping local authorities of all their prerogatives”.

He asserted that the Local Government Code will guarantee genuine citizen participation in the practice of local power by being represented in municipal councils. He will also have an important role of citizen control over local government decisions, he added.

According to him, the Code of Local Authorities represents “the key to development in Tunisia” and is a step forward on the path of the consecration of the democratic process and local democracy.

Earlier in the day, the Committee on the Organisation of the Administration and Armed Forces adopted, in its entirety, the draft organic law on the publication of the Local Government Code.

The committee decided Thursday on all the disputed articles. Their adoption has been postponed.

According to Monia Brahim, a member of the committee, it is possible to begin the examination of the Local Government Code in a plenary session of the House of People’s Representatives in mid-April.

Source: TAP News Agency

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