Committee on Personal Freedoms and Equality to end work February 20 (Committee Chair) | Tunisia News Gazette

Committee on Personal Freedoms and Equality to end work February 20 (Committee Chair)

The Committee on Individual Freedoms and Equality will complete its work on February 20 and later submit a report to the President of the Republic.

This report will include proposals and recommendations on the application of the principles of freedoms and equality in the national legal system, Bochra Bel Haj Hamida, Chairperson of the Committee, said in a working session with members of the Parliamentary Committee of Women, Family, Child, Youth and Elderly Affairs.

Members of the committee on personal freedoms said work has focused essentially on the examination of the legal situation of freedoms and equality in Tunisia.

They reviewed and examined the laws, decrees, decisions and circulars and noted contradictions with the principles of freedoms and equality that need amendment.

With regard to the issue of inheritance, the committee will present two proposals. The first provides for full equality between men and women with a revision of the articles of the Personal Status Code. As for the second proposal, it consists in maintaining the regulations in force, except in the case of a request from women wishing to apply the principle of parity, thus respecting their right to freedom.

Source: TAP News Agency

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