Communication Technologies Ministry endeavours to improve governance in IT security field

The Communication Technologies Ministry endeavours to improve governance in the IT security field, by revising legal texts and drafting laws in this field, said Minister Nizar Ben Néji.

Speaking Tuesday during the 2nd Tunisian-French Dialogue Session in the digital sector, Ben Néji pointed out that enhancing digital security and protecting the national cyber space against cyber attacks will be achieved through the revision of the legal framework governing the cybercrime field to protect Internet users in the digital space against threats and attacks and the law organising the protection of cyberspace, which takes into consideration data classification.

Tunisia lends a particular interest to scaling up international cooperation, sharing experiences, disseminating digital culture and raising awareness about the importance of IT security, reads a ministry press release on Wednesday.

Enhancing digital sovereignty and cybersecurity is a national pillar of the national digital transition strategy, the minister considered, pointing out that the ministry and the companies involved are working to provide solutions to restore digital confidence and secure this space, notably in light of the new requirements posed by the opening of global systems and applications that could hinder the digital transition process in Tunisia

Ben Néji laid emphasis in this regard, on the need to enhancing digital sovereignty and cyber space protection, notably with the diversification of tools and swift technological developments such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and the 5th generation services, which have created a new development mode for several vital sectors (transport, health, agriculture, etc.).

The 2nd Tunisian-French Dialogue Session in the digital sector is in line with the recommendations of the cooperation between the Tunisian and French governments in the digital field, concluded on June 3, 2021 in the margins of the 3rd edition of the High Council of the Tunisian-French cooperation, by holding bilateral dialogue sessions to share experiences.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse