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Comprehensive strategy needed to further contribution of Tunisian expatriates to local development (summer university)

The third Summer University of the Call of Tunisian Expatriates (French: ATE) Tuesday opened in Tunis.

The need to devise a comprehensive strategy aimed to further the contribution of Tunisian expatriates to local development was the main recommendation.

“This strategy should spell out long- and short-term objectives and seek to develop the legal framework and mechanisms to increase decentralised cooperation between Tunisia and host countries, notably in Europe,”MP and ATE President Riadh Jaidane told TAP.

The 1.3 million Tunisian expatriates are an asset for the country and their contribution can prove beneficial to the national economy.

“Figures point to a poor contribution of Tunisian expatriates to investment in their mother country; transfers of money usually consist in financial aid to their families, “the President of the political movement said.

Foreign Minister Khemaies Jhinaoui underlined the necessity of boosting economic diplomacy and increasing decentralised cooperation.

“It is true that so far we have not yet identified mechanisms to encourage Tunisian expatriates to invest in their country, notably in their own regions of origin, considering that the Tunisian diplomacy has for a long time seen its role limited to consular services.”

The FM urged Tunisian nationals abroad to further coordinate with the economic unit within Tunisian embassies to have a better understanding of their rights as well as incentives.

There is need to focus on means likely to strengthen decentralised cooperation and twinning between regions of origin and local communities in host countries, he emphasised.

Minister of Local Affairs and Environment Riadh Mouakher said Tunisian expatriates are entitled to vote in municipal elections and they can even stand as candidates if they intend to return to the homeland.

The opening ceremony of the Summer University offered the opportunity to honour a number of Tunisian expatriates who distinguished themselves in their host countries and helped promote Tunisia’s image, namely Samia Orosemane who organised the first laughter festival in Djerba in 2014, Franco-Tunisian Anissa Khedher who was elected MP at the French National Assembly last December and athlete Azza Besbes who represented Tunisia and won the silver medal at the 2017 World Fencing Championships in Leipzig, Germany.

A tribute was also paid to young Tunisian student Yasmine Malouche, recipient of the Outstanding LL.M in International Legal Studies Student Award.

Source: TAP News Agency

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