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Constituent Assembly of Amal Madani Movement

The Amal Madani Movement organised, Friday in Tunis, its constituent assembly, under the sign “collective responsibility for Tunisia”.

This movement, based on volunteerism and initiated by activists, aims to promote the quality of life of citizens, said Yossra Daaloul, founding member of the movement.

She added that the involvement of the population in decision-making and policy-making is one of the main orientations of this movement which, she said, breaks with the traditional forms of organisations, by directly addressing the people and carrying out actions in accordance with the needs and proposals of each targeted area.

Our activities are based primarily on respect for human rights, she said, believing that the entrenchment of the principles of participation and the spirit of responsibility helps to defend these rights and to lay the bases of governance based on dialogue and negotiation.

The areas of intervention of this movement are varied, she said, adding that they include, in particular, all that relates to improving the living conditions of citizens.

She insisted that the members of this movement have no partisan or ideological affiliation.

According to its founding member, Abdelbasset Belhassen, the Amal Madani movement has set itself the goal of fighting against obscurantism, reviewing the problems Tunisia is facing, which, essentially, the rise in poverty rates, Illiteracy, unemployment, out of school, believing that it is time to find solutions to these scourges.

To do this, the movement has created “places of citizenship”, he pointed out, emphasising that these places favour listening to people and their involvement in proposing solutions.

These places of citizenship are open, he said, to all social categories and all ages, pointing out that any place must lead to the development of a citizenship guide to make successful campaigns and meetings to achieve the goals of the movement.

Source: TAP News Agency

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