Consultations with government ongoing to solve education sector crisis, says UGTT's Tabboubi | Tunisia News Gazette

Consultations with government ongoing to solve education sector crisis, says UGTT’s Tabboubi

Efforts are being made to reach a favorable outcome to the crisis in the education sector, Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) Noureddine Tabboubi said on Tuesday.

A meeting is initially set for April 18 between the government and the union’s executive board so as to find a solution for the education matter, he told TAP on the fringes of the opening of the 23rd conference of UGTT’s regional conference in Hammamet.

Tabboubi further expressed surprise at the attitude of the government towards the education matter that has enormous impacts on families and their children.

The country must be saved and negotiations must be reinitiated so as to find satisfactory solutions, he added.

The government’s stubbornness that imposes conditions to carry out negotiations is a first and has contributed to making the crisis worse, he estimated affirming that the union always takes into consideration the students’ interest.

The Education Minister does not have the right to dictate the conditions for the negotiations, he added. According to him, this behaviour is irresponsible and returning to the negotiation table is the sole solution to solve the conflicts.

As for negotiations in the private sector, the unionist expressed hope to reach a framework agreement that will be generalised for the benefit of other sectors.

The announcement of the start of wage negotiations in the public service will be discussed during April 18’s meeting.

The General Federation of the Secondary Education decided to suspend the classes as from April 17 in high schools. Physical education teachers will wear a red armband and will ensure the good running of the baccalaureate’s sports exams.

Source: TAP News Agency

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