Covid-19 Crisis: Consultations from Next Week with National Forces on Upcoming Projects (Head of Govt.)

Rabat – Consultations will be held starting next week with the national forces on the projects to be developed for the coming period to deal with the repercussions of the Coronavirus pandemic and post-Covid-19, said head of government Saad Dine El Otmani.

Speaking on Monday at a joint session of the two Houses of Parliament, El Otmani stressed “the great importance” of the future strategy to mitigate health confinement, the economic recovery plan and the amending finance bill.
“These are national projects that require collective support and mobilization of everyone in order to overcome the problems arising from the Coronavirus crisis,” he said, announcing consultations with political parties, trade unions, professional associations and other bodies.
In addition, El Otmani reviewed current epidemiological indicators in Morocco, including the reproduction rate (R0), which must be less than “1” for at least two consecutive weeks, noting that to obtain a satisfactory safety margin, this indicator must be at 0.7. He specified, to this end, that this rate has currently reached 0.9 in the Kingdom.
The head of government noted that the mortality rate is currently 2.8%, whereas it exceeded 7% at the beginning of the confinement, adding that the rate of serious cases is 1%, whereas it surpassed 15% at the beginning of the confinement and that the occupancy rate of the resuscitation units stands now at 4%.
In this regard, he pointed out that the indicators related to the above-mentioned criteria highlighted the improvement achieved, even though the reproduction rate still did not reach the set standard, explaining that the preventive measures put in place had allowed the virus to spread less rapidly and the Kingdom to stabilize in the second phase of the expansion of Covid-19.
What remains worrying, according to the head of government, is the proliferation of industrial, commercial or family epidemiological clusters since the beginning of the pandemic in the Kingdom, noting that 467 clusters have been identified in no less than 10 regions, causing 3,800 cases of infection, i.e. 56% of the total number of Covid-19 contaminations in the Kingdom.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse