COVID-19: One death recorded in Gabes during last 24 hours

One death following a coronavirus infection was recorded during the last 24 hours in Gabes, Souad Yahyaoui, Head of Information and Health Programmes at the Sectoral Directorate of Basic Health, said Sunday.

The number of deaths in the region has reached 474 cases since the outbreak of the pandemic, she added. 304 positive cases have been identified out of a total of 507 tests carried out, she added.

These include 111 cases in southern Gabes, 70 in Matmata nouvelle, 32 in Ouedhref, 30 in El Hamma, 21 in Gabes city, 18 in Mareth, 12 in western Gabes, 6 in Metouia, 3 in Ghannouch and one case in Menzel Habib.


Source: TAP News Agency