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CPR calls on government to reconsider 2018 Finance law

The Congress for the Republic (CPR) party called Wednesday the government to review the 2018 finances law as well as on all its choices which go against the demands of the people.

Accusing the government of having declared “the war against the subsistence of the people”, the Congress for the Republic has warned against the protests against the 2018 law of finances which, in the event of their pursuit, risk inflaming the situation and to sow chaos.

“This is the first spark of a situation that is likely to increase and lead to chaos, if it will not be contained,” warned the CPR Secretary-General Samir Ben Amor during a meeting with the press.

“The latest developments in many regions are the result of a people’s resistance to a government that refuses to listen to their voice and take the path of reform,” he specified.

For Abdelwaheb Maatar, a member of the party’s political bureau and former minister of the Troika government, “the situation is gradually deteriorating and is likely to lead to a second revolution”.

“The parties that oppose the popular protests are themselves standing behind the nocturnal acts of violence and vandalism,” he accused.

He also called on Tunisians “to protest and continue to press the government to bring it back on the 2018 budget law as well as on all the choices that go against the ambitions of the people”.

Source: TAP News Agency

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