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Creation and management of shelters for women victims of violence in Tunis

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, celebrated on November 25of each year, a workshop was organised on Monday in Tunis on “the exchange of good practices and comparative national and international experiences of reception centres for women victims of violence “in the presence of international experts.

Minister of Women, Family and Children Naziha Laabidi said during the meeting that the latest report by the World Bank revealed that 700 million women worldwide have suffered at least one time in their lives, a form of violence, especially at home, adding that 4 women with special needs in 5 worldwide suffer violence in silence and that is why the Ministry translated the text of law related to the elimination of violence against women in English, French and Braille to allow as many women in Tunisia and around the world to know the content of this law.

The Minister considered that the adoption of this law should be accompanied by the establishment of mechanisms necessary for its implementation, emphasising in this respect the importance of awareness raising and the creation of new reception centres for women victims of violence recalling that the ministry has posted an 1899 toll-free number available to men and women victims of violence.

“This number records more than 30 calls every day from women and men who are victims of violence,” she added.

Laabidi has also indicated that the Ministry is considering the creation of a prize to be awarded on August 13, 2018 to each institution or legal entity that has achieved equality between men and women in decision-making positions.

For her part, Imen Zahouani Houimel, director general of women’s affairs at the Ministry of Women, Family and Children, said that the experience of the reception centers in Tunisia is a pilot experience that has started in 2013 through the creation of the El Amen center in Greater Tunis, with a capacity of 30 abused women accompanied by their children.

She noted that last year, six new centres were created with support from the European Union, including four reception centers and two listening and counseling centres. The capacity of each center is about fifteen women accompanied by their children.

Houimel said the ministry aims to create reception centers in all regions of the country, noting that the year 2018 will see the opening of two other spaces.

The official said that the period of accommodation in the centres is usually longer than the fixed period and sometimes reaches 9 months, given the importance of considering social and economic reintegration programmes.

The three-day workshop will examine three main themes related to good practice in the areas of the establishment and management of shelters for abused women, the development of a procedural guide for these centres and the social and economic reintegration of women victims of violence.

Source: TAP News Agency

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