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Creation of “progressive centrist parliamentary front” announced

The creation of a “progressive centrist parliamentary front” was announced Wednesday at the Bardo Palace.

The aim is “to improve the legislative and oversight role of the parliament and to speed up the completion of laws establishing constitutional bodies and bills under consideration”.

At the end of a constitutive meeting held on Wednesday in the annex building of the parliament, a press conference was organised in the presence of MPs among the founders of the front.

Mustapha Ben Ahmed (Watania group) said the formation of this parliamentary front aims to “organise the centre and achieve balance in the face of blockage in parliament.”

“This front is made up of members who share the same standards and ideas,” the goal being to improve the quality of laws and accelerate their completion, including the economic emergency law, he added.

“The parliamentary action is fundamentally political, we want to rectify and complete the process of democratic transition in Tunisia,” argued Mustapha Ben Ahmed.

The front decides by and for itself through the institutions and structures that will be created, he insisted. It does not receive instructions from anyone, he said.

Ben Ahmed said the front is composed of about 45 MPs. It remains open and will work to have other members join it to improve the performance of the parliamentary institution.

Abderraouf El May (independent) said the founding members of the parliamentary front “will organise and be present in the various parliamentary committees without any coordination from outside.”

The front is composed by the majority of members of Afek Tounes group and the Call of Tunisians abroad, all the members of the Al Horra group of Machrou Tounes, a large part of the group Watania and other MPs of the bloc of Nidaa Tounes as well as deputies outside the group, Mustapha Ben Ahmed said.

A meeting will be held soon to put the finishing touches on the front, he added.

Source: TAP News Agency

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