Creative Europe launches Circulation of European Literary Works Call 2023

Creative Europe launches Circulation of European Literary Works Call 2023.

Applications should be submitted by the 21 February 2023 deadline.

The call will support transnational projects that support the translation of works of fiction from and into eligible language within Europe and beyond.

Creative Europe is the EU programme dedicated to supporting Europe’s cultural and creative sectors. The CULTURE strand of Creative Europe aims to promote and enhance artistic and cultural cooperation at the European level and beyond.

The Creative Europe: CULTURE strand has now launched the 2023 edition of the Circulation of European Literary Works call. The action will support projects that will translate, publish, distribute and promote works of fiction as well as activities to help the sales of translation rights in Europe and beyond.

The action will target around 40 projects, each based on a sound editorial and promotion strategy covering a package of at least five eligible works of fiction translated from and into eligible language.

Applications may be submitted by a single organisation or a consortium consisting of a minimum of two eligible organisations. Applicants must be legal entities established and officially registered in an eligible country. The coordinator must be active in the publishing and book sector and have had a legal existence for at least two years prior to the date of the deadline for submission of applications.

The total budget available for the Call is approximately €5 million.


Source: Tap News Agency

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