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CREDIF: Workshop on Gender Equality in Local Governance

A workshop was organised Thursday at the Centre for Research, Study, Documentation and Information on Women(CREDIF) to present the results of the National Commission for Gender Equality In local Governance works.

Established in 2014 by the Ministry of Women, Family and Children through a joint initiative of CREDIF and the International Development Centre for Good Governance, the Commission aims to promote women’s participation in governance, particularly in the upcoming municipal elections.

The Commission’s work has resulted in the creation of a gender mainstreaming guide in the development of the annual municipal investment programme,” said CREDIF training manager Houda Dridi. This guide proposes a practical methodology for gender mainstreaming in the planning of investments and municipal projects with a view to enshrining the principle of equal opportunities and reducing gender inequalities.

A communication campaign will also be launched on the WEB for the promotion of women’s participation in municipal electoral processes scheduled for December 17, 2017.

Mabrouk Sakri, representative of the municipality of Medenine, explained the experience of his municipality which integrated the gender dimension in its annual programme of municipal investment for 2017, “an experiment that was very successful thanks to the involvement of officials, citizens and civil society,” he affirmed.

Senim Ben Abdallah, an expert at the International Development Centre for Good Governance, pointed out for his part that Tunisia today needs mechanisms to monitor citizen participation in the local public life, in particular women’s participation.

Source: TAP News Agency

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