Criminal violence accounts for 71% of cases in Tunisia

Criminal violence accounts for 71% of violence cases in Tunisia, followed by political violence (13%), violence in the public space (9.7%) and economic violence (3.2%), Coordinator of the Social Observatory of the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (French: FTDES) Najla Arfa, said during a virtual press conference.

Arfa said the spike in criminal violence is due to the growing post-Revolution psychological pressure experienced by Tunisians considering the deterioration of socioeconomic conditions as well as lack of respect for State institutions which, she said, contributed to the development of aggressive behavior.

Individual violence represents 58.1% of violence reported in Tunisia during the first seven months of 2021 against 41.9% for collective violence, the same source said.

Domestic violence tops the list with 38.7%, followed by street violence (32.3%), violence at a government facility (16.6%) and violence in a healthcare facility (3.2%).

Men are the main victims of violence (44.2%)


Source: TAP News Agency