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CTFCI Ordinary Assembly: Focus on prerequisites for economic recovery in Tunisia

(TAP) – “Revice the historical growth pace of Tunisian exports is a fundamental issue and can be achieved in the momentum started at the beginning of the year 2018, to put the country back in a usual cycle of doubling growth, eventually regain a growth rate of 4% and enhance the value of the dinar, said Wednesday in Tunis Council of Economic Analysis President Afif Chelbi.

Addressing Tunisian and French business leaders on the “prerequisites for economic recovery in Tunisia,” at the end of the Ordinary General Assembly of the Tunisian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CTFCI), he pointed out that “all the reforms envisaged to achieve these objectives should be socially accepted so that the economic growth benefit from a balance and social stability.”

Taking stock of the Tunisian economy, Chelbi specified that the 1st quarter was marked by a strong growth of exports with + 35% at the current price against only 7.5% during the same period in 2017 and + 12% at constant price against -3.3%, in spite of all the problems. The Tunisian enterprises exported the value of 35 billion dinars in 2017, 10 billion of which (30%) to France.

“French companies continue to invest in Tunisia with optimism and have invested about 585 million dinars in 2017, or 45% of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI),” he said, recalling that 60% of the leaders of these companies believe that their turnover will increase in 2018 and that “the success stories of companies are counted by thousands in Tunisia with important technological changes.”

However, there is a stagnation of exports to the European Union (EU) for 7 years around Euros 9 billion, a decrease in the market share of Tunisia while the resilience of companies has shown its limits by decreasing year after year since 2011, the official indicated.

In this regard, he spoke about the Ernst & Young Barometer 2018 (EY) which shows that 40% of entrepreneurs in the country believe that their companies have a limited survival capacity of two years if the economic situation does not improve or deteriorates.

Taking the floor, CTFCI President Foued Lakhoua called for thinking about “a better transformation of the industry and a demystification of the issue of the privatisation of Tunisian public companies,” recommending the identification of niches that help Tunisia improve its competitiveness, integrate global value chains and support Tunisian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

He also highlighted the importance of identifying new avenues for strengthening the Tunisian-French partnership and extending it to other areas of greater added value to enable companies on both sides to exploit the opportunities offered by markets of sub-Saharan Africa.

In this regard, French Ambassador in Tunis Olivier Poivre d’Arvor proposed an economic roadmap for Tunisian and French entrepreneurs to highlight the concept of “the blue economy,” given the long coasts of both countries.

Poivre d’Arvor spoke about the Mediterranean Sea Forum scheduled for September 2018 in Bizerte to present the stakes of the sea in all its components.

This forum is part of the Blue Season initiative of the Alliance Francaise in Tunisia, which provides for the organisation of a set of 150 events (cultural, scientific, economic, tourist, etc.), between June 15 and September 30, with a view to putting the Mediterranean back at the core of Tunisia’s priorities.

Source: TAP News Agency

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