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“Culture, one of sectors of sovereignty, must regain its rightful place” (President Saied)

In an unannounced visit on Tuesday afternoon, the President of the Republic Kais Saied inspected a number of cultural institutions and libraries in the medina of Tunis.

The Head of State first stopped at the Association de Sauvegarde de la Médina (ASM) de Tunis, where he talked to several officials about the role of the municipality of Tunis and the ASM in preserving the historic monuments of the Tunis medina.

Visiting “El Khaldounia,” the former headquarters of the National Library and the “Dar El-Diwan” library, he underlined that there is no question of ceding these establishments, which must be the property of the Tunisian State alone, as the history of Tunisia and its monuments are not the object of covetousness in any form.

The President of the Republic then had a meeting with Prime Minister Ahmed Hachani at the Government Palace in La Kasbah, during which he discussed a number of issues pertaining notably to the cultural sector.

The Head of State pointed out that there is no future for a people wit
hout a national culture, and that culture, one of the sectors of sovereignty, must find its rightful place, particularly in terms of the funds that should be allocated to it.

The war against corruption, he added, must be pursued in all sectors without exception, including the sports sector, a sector in which some are using every means and method to gain control through a supposedly free election, but which in reality is a prior agreement between corrupt individuals who still believe that the Tunisian people are unaware of their schemes.

The President of the Republic also visited the National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies (INSTM), commonly known as the “Dar El Hout” museum, where he addressed a number of shortcomings and malfunctions with a number of officials, including administrative staff and professors, emphasising that this place of history and science, which Tunisia will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of its creation in July, must regain its credentials not only in Tunisia but als
o at the global level.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse